On June 18, 2015, Shiel Sexton held its second annual Silver Club celebration at TwoDEEP Brewing Co., in downtown Indianapolis. President/Managing Partner, Mike Dilts, welcomed four new members to the Silver Club and spent a few moments remembering those who are no longer with us. Everyone enjoyed laughs, food and drinks as they shared stories of their time spent with Shiel Sexton thus far.

Silver Club is for past/present employees who have been with Shiel Sexton for 25 years or more. Becoming a member of the Silver Club is a great achievement and we wanted to give those members a chance to look back and celebrate all of their accomplishments since joining the Shiel Sexton team.

Congratulations to new members Janet Perkins, Kevin Potter, Dave Lawrence and Tim Malarney on your accomplishments over that past 25 years!


2015 Silver Club Members

2015 Silver Club Members – Front: Bob Patton, Roger Judd, Greg Carr, and Mike Dilts; Middle: Mike Green, Randy Waren, Aaron Dilts, Dave Lawrence, Bob Groogan, and Janet Perkins; Back: Steve Jansen, Mike Anderson, Gil Hutchins, Dave Burchard, Tim Malarney, Kevin Potter, Mike Bledsoe, Frank Duck and Dave Land


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