On December 17, Shiel Sexton bid retirement wishes to Project Executive Daryl Coleman. Daryl was the first female project manager hired into the company on August 8, 1988 (8/8/88 she likes to recall).  A trusted leader with a loyal following of subcontractors, Daryl has managed more than 1,100 projects during her decades heading up the Interiors department!  As Mike Dilts stated, Daryl’s work has always been client-focused; her commitment to client needs, their budgets, quality, and deadlines has always been a priority while maintaining the integrity and standards of Shiel Sexton. She truly represents our Expect More culture. Read on for a short Q & A with Daryl:

What was your favorite aspect of working at Shiel Sexton?

I liked the flexibility of working here.

How did your role evolve throughout your career?

I started as a project coordinator in the commercial group…of course we were in Castleton at the time… and then we started a residential division where I built custom homes for three years as a project manager. In the early 1990s, I started in interiors.

How has your outlook on projects changed throughout your career?

It really hasn’t changed that much for me…I sort of did my own thing because I had a nice core group of clients…I did all my own estimating and ran all the projects. And I had my core group of subcontractors that were loyal to me all those years.

What was your most memorable project that you completed?

I would say not necessarily one project, but all the Sunbeam work…they’ve been a client of Shiel Sexton’s for over 40 years, and I’ve been with them for 30 of those. It was nice to be part of their team.

What are your plans in retirement?

We are moving to DeLand, Florida, to a 55+ community 20 minutes from the beach and near my mom. We used to live in Florida in the 1980s…we built a powerplant there and that’s where I met my husband. We were there for five years, so we knew we wanted to move back at some point. We do want to travel in a couple years…we will probably buy a small motorhome and our plan is to drive the same cross-country route my husband took in the late 1970s and go to Alaska. We’ll drive out through the western National Parks like Glacier and then up through Canada to Alaska.

Daryl, thank you for your decades of service. We wish you success, health, and happiness in your next chapter of life!