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Nearly 50 years since its last remodel, the famed IPL Electric Building on Indianapolis’ Monument Circle is in the final stages of a 10-floor renovation. The historic building, which now houses both the IPL and AES Headquarters, has been modernized with help from Shiel Sexton and RATIO Architects.

The lobby to penthouse renovation replaced formal, walled corporate offices with workspaces that provide a more collaborative, productive and fun environment. In contrast to its original 1960’s design, the updated space now features an open floorplan, huddle areas, conference rooms with modern audio-visual technology, and a social hub on the building’s 10th floor. In addition to improving the overall look, feel, and functionality of the headquarters, the floorplan was also reconfigured to provide additional space. The building now has enough room to house all 300 IPL and AES employees with available tenant space on the first few floors.

Shiel Sexton is proud to have been a part of the construction renovation team for this exciting project, which was delivered safely, on time, and under budget.