Shiel Sexton hosted Shortridge High School senior and Purdue Bound Member, Ismar Chew. The Purdue Bound program is an initiative that encourages minorities and students from low income areas to study STEM majors at the collegiate level. 

“The best part about Purdue Bound, is that it is essentially a science club, so we learn about life at Purdue, and science at the same time,” Chew says, “As someone who wishes to become an engineer, that accomplished two things at the same time.”

The Purdue Bound program encourages students to intern with one of the program’s sponsor companies during the summer. Chew applied to Shiel Sexton, and has been learning the ins and outs of the construction industry for the last four weeks. Shiel Sexton’s own Heather Devocelle is an Advisory Board Member of the Purdue Bound program, and worked closely with Chew as he completed his internship.

With a Shiel Sexton internship, students enrolled in the program have an opportunity for hands-on construction industry experience and to gain insight into construction processes. While interning, Chew assisted individuals in various departments with an assortment of tasks. He found IT the most interesting department.

“Most of the skills I gained were in IT, where I was for eight out of the 19 days that I was with Shiel Sexton,” says Chew, “It was in IT where I learned how to set up a key fob, laptop, iPad, and server.”

Shiel Sexton was proud to have Chew as an intern with the Purdue Bound program, and wishes him luck as he finishes high school. Chew currently plans to attend Purdue in the Fall of 2019.