Shiel Sexton began construction in May 2017 on Industrious Indianapolis, an incoming tenant of the recently completed Marietta Building off of Massachusetts Avenue. Industrious is pioneering a new method of leasing commercial office space. The New York-based company offers flexible leases to companies that do not need traditional lease time periods and has facilities for up to 190 employees. The flexibility provides occupants with a professional setting where they can host clients and meetings but does not require a long-term rental.

The buildout of Industrious covers two floors, totaling 18,200 SF. The scope of work includes completing the interior of the second and third floor of the building, which will create an open and modern space with high-end finishes. Unique architectural design elements include an exposed ceiling structure, tectum acoustical ceilings, custom fabricated metal ceiling clouds, and a large amount of storefront glass to create the office walls.

The new Industrious work space will be a tremendous addition to the downtown Indianapolis office market.

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