At the Hellenic projects in Indianapolis and New Albany, Shiel Sexton is harnessing QR Code technology to streamline efficiency while improving quality and safety during construction of these multi-unit assisted living facilities. Unique QR Codes posted at each room’s entry allow team members to quickly access and update room-specific documents such as quality and safety checklists, drawings, RFIs, ASIs, and photographs with a single scan from an iPad.

The Shiel Sexton team is utilizing BIM 360 Field to house data associated with each QR Code to track, monitor, and alert contractors to the locations of action items in real time.  This technology allows for quick and thorough documentation of quality and safety issues, creating an environment for managers and contractors to surf these data-rich projects with ease.

The ability to quickly access up-to-date documents and project data in the field has increased efficiency, productivity, and improved the quality and safety processes for project management in the field.