We are more than builders.  We are members of a community delivering a great experience at every turn.

“Let me set the scene: Imagine walking into a meeting to discuss corporate sponsorships for your non-profit organization and discussion turns to needs of the theatre. Thirty minutes later we walk out with a commitment from Shiel Sexton to give your aging theatre an amazing facelift,” according to  Theatre Charlotte Executive Director Ron Law when he and Board President Sue Gorman met with Shiel Sexton’s leadership.

In September, to celebrate Beyond the Build, we proudly volunteered at Theatre Charlotte for a day of service.  “It was like one of those HGTV make-over shows,” commented Ron. “It was crazy the amount of people that showed up and the amount of work that happened. It was a well-run production – everyone had their place.”

Shiel Sexton’s day of service in Charlotte really happened over a week and included many partners. We removed the rotten soffit and gutters on the prominent side of the building and replaced it with low-maintenance metal gutters and downspouts. On Wednesday, the building was pressure washed in preparation for a fresh coat of paint. On Thursday, a heavy forklift removed deteriorated wood-lined sidewalks in landscaped areas to prep for new planting beds. We also ran a trench to install a new outdoor water spigot so the theatre could maintain flowers at the entrance.

On Friday, Shiel Sexton employees, families and friends gathered at 8am to begin a full day of work at Theatre Charlotte. We painted walls, scrapped windows, restored plants, trimmed hedges and re-grouted a large stone patio. At 7:30pm, the crowd had dwindled, the finishing touches were completed, and it was time to go home.

“It [the day of service] was a fun and inspiring event,” said Ron. “Watching people do what they know how to do and doing it for us. This was more than a cosmetic make-over, it was psychological for the staff. We are no longer embarrassed by the building and really enjoy telling people about the event.”

Ron added, “We are really proud of the product that we produce on the stage and our resources are invested in our shows. The building was neglected and the theatre experience begins before you walk in. Now we can offer a great experience from the parking lot to the stage.”

About Theatre Charlotte:

Theatre Charlotte is a volunteer-based theatre company dedicated to creating outstanding theatre opportunities that are accessible and relevant to the people of the Charlotte region. The theatre started in 1927 and moved into its permanent home on Queens Road in 1941.

Thank you to our Beyond the Build supporters: Johnson Roofing, Efficient Contractors, Sherwin Williams Fort Mill, SGE Landscape Group and Charlotte Mechanical as well as the Theatre Charlotte Board that kept our crews well fed and hydrated.



The Messenger Newsletter | December 2017 | Shiel Sexton Carolinas