Shiel Sexton hosted its seventh annual Beer, Boots and Brats event last week in Indianapolis for all SSC employees. Employees gathered to browse the two onsite trucks provided by Monroe Footwear and shop for safety boots and accessories at a 40% discount!

Safety Director Ray Lake cooked up a plethora of delicious hot dogs, brats, chili, and toppings. Chips, cookies, and beer were passed around while employees enjoyed the mild weather and a break from the hard workday. Field workers participated in a free boot raffle where several names were chosen.

Congratulations to these lucky boot winners:

  • Pedro Sanchez Arias
  • Seth Banker
  • Roberto Macias Landeros
  • Robert Conrad
  • Carlos Mathis
  • Maurico Flores Diaz
  • Ignacio Pena
  • Raymond Pena
  • Fernando Pena 
  • Jarrod Huffman 
  • Enrique Ordaz Juarez

Special thanks to the Safety department for hosting and coordinating this event. It was another fun and successful turn out!