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Shiel Sexton Southeast raced in the BB & T Corporate Cup Challenge this weekend. The seven participants from the Shiel Sexton Southeast office, Jeremy Cairns, Bill Cuddeback, Tracey Davant, John DeWalt, Matt Ventimiglia, Sara Whitten and Ben Wilhelm, successfully trained over the last several months preparing for race day, March 8th, 2014…some more than others, but we will not mention any names.

Race day came a lot quicker than anyone expected, but they all felt prepared and ready. The weather looked a bit shady coming into the weekend, with colder than normal temps and rain on Thursday and Friday, but when Saturday finally arrived, it could not have been a better day to be outside and enjoy some camaraderie with the Shiel Sexton race team.

All racers finished their race – 5K (Jeremy Cairns, Bill Cuddeback and Tracey Davant) and half marathon (John DeWalt, Matt Ventimiglia, Sara Whitten and Ben Wilhelm) – strong, looking good in their Shiel Sexton race shirts and in good spirits.

This is just one of many minigames happening now at Shiel Sexton—a minigame is a short-term activity designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity in the company. There is a goal, a scoreboard and a reward for winning.

Great job Shiel Sexton Southeast!