Deb’s desire and persistence to get people involved in volunteering and giving back is an amazing thing! It is because of that persistence that hundreds, if not thousands of people have connected with charitable giving, and in doing so made some amazing steps forward in their lives.

Deb has a passion for breast cancer awareness. For the State of Indiana, Deb has been in the top 10 money raisers (Pink Honor Roll) for the past 6 years. She is on the executive committee helping team captains come up with new fundraising ideas, and two years ago she won the Komen Volunteer of the Year.

In 2013, Deb was the recipient of the Timothy J. Sexton Award for her outstanding dedication to giving back to the community. No matter the cause, Deb takes up any challenge with a personal passion. In addition to Komen, she does specific work with Providence Cristo Rey, IWIN, Outside The Box, Special Olympics, The PourHouse, Joys House, Gleaners Food Bank, Little Red Door and Saint Mary’s, just to name a few. Deb is always willing to help out.

Deb joined the Charity Party Players team a few years ago and has made a huge difference, with an additional 1,500 volunteer hours in just the past year. Her hard work and connections have opened doors for events with new organizations, which in turn has led to enhanced volunteer experiences. Without a doubt, her attitude, kindness and willingness to help has motivated all of the volunteers to do more. With the start of the SSCares volunteer, advocate or donate initiative, Deb hopes to make more opportunities to give back and get employees, families, friends and community involved!

Deb is a cornerstone to our company. We wouldn’t be the same without her!  Her connections and the way she represents Shiel Sexton make a big statement to a lot of people throughout our community. The entire SSC family appreciates her immensely!