Ali-Excellence-in-Innovation_1-300x214 Zac-Shelton-Excellence-in-Office_1-300x214 Jon-Smith-Excellence-in-Field_2-300x214 Rising-Star-Ryan-Hunsley-_1-300x214 Rising-Star-Casey-Bell_1-300x214 Deb-Citizenship-Award_2-300x214 Certificates-of-Achievement_1-300x214

At Shiel Sexton Company (SSC), we pride ourselves in fostering exceptional talent. The SSC Honors Awards have been created with that in mind. Our program is designed to honor those people who demonstrate great talent, leaving an indelible mark on the people they work with and the jobs they perform.

There were an incredible amount of nominations (42) this year, but only 14 winners. These outstanding employees were honored at Shiel Sexton’s annual State of the Company, held at the Ivy Tech Stouffer Building. The categories and 2013 winners are listed below:

Certificate(s) of Achievement: Mike Strole, Matt Ventimiglia, Blake Anderson, Jason Gray, Ryan Hunsley, David Johnson, Conner Noll, Joe Sallee

Timothy J. Sexton Citizenship Award: Debbie Stone

Rising Star (Field): Casey Bell

Rising Star (Office): Ryan Hunsley

Richard C. Shiel Award of Excellence (Field): Jon Smith

Richard C. Shiel Award of Excellence (Office/Mgmt.): Zac Shelton

Innovation of the Year: Ali Wuensch

A huge congratulations to all of these outstanding employees! Thank you for going above and beyond in all you do.