How to Stay Warm When Temperatures Plunge…

Over the past few weeks we’ve all felt or experienced these pesky temperature drops. While most of us can lock ourselves in the comfort of our homes or offices, construction workers don’t have this luxury. In these cold temperatures, it’s crucial that our construction workers are able to stay warm so they can perform their work in optimal conditions. 

Unfortunately, construction doesn’t stop when we experience a rapid decrease in temperature or a few inches of snow. So, how can we ensure a safe working environment for our construction workers? Check out these four tips by ConstructConnect:

Clean Construction Sites:

This is one of the best ways that you can keep your construction crew safe and ensure that they are able to perform their job effectively. Clear all snow and ice on the project site and working surfaces to prevent any slips on the job. If areas are icy, put up some signs to alert workers to either walk slower on the ice or avoid the area altogether. 

Watch Impending Weather Conditions:

Giving your workers a heads-up about the impending weather will also help keep your team safe and warm. Whether it is sleet, snow, or blizzard like conditions, informing your team about the conditions before, during, and after the job will better prepare your team in case of an emergency.

Provide PPE, Numerous Breaks, and Emergency Safety Kits:

On every job site, it is crucial you provide your team with the necessities to perform their job. These include providing protection equipment, numerous breaks, or emergency safety kits. Hard hats should be worn at all times to ensure the safety of workers in case of slips or falls. To prevent frostbite, mittens or gloves should be provided that also allow enough dexterity for work to be done. 

In these cold temperatures, workers expend more energy while working. By allowing frequent breaks, workers can warm themselves up while also preserving their energy for the rest of the day.

While it is an obligation to have safety kits regardless of weather conditions, it is particularly important to have a safety kit in times of extreme cold weather. In this kit, you should have shovels, ice scrapers, flares, water, snacks, etc. In case of an emergency, having this kit will be useful if workers become stranded onsite.

Layer Clothing:

Lastly, every worker should have multiple layers of clothing to help them stay warm on-site. In these temperatures, frost bite and hypothermia can happen quickly, so putting enough layers on while also ensuring mobility is crucial.

Shiel Sexton is committed to providing a safe working environment for our construction workers, and these are just a few ways to ensure they are safe and warm during times of cold weather.