Shiel Sexton became an employee owned company in 2012. Since that time, the company has made great efforts to educate each new owner of how that works and what that means now and moving forward.

Each year, Shiel Sexton goes through a valuation process that gives employees the share price for their employee stock. Shiel Sexton gives out share statements at the beginning of the year when the share price is announced. Each year, in an effort to make this a real and tangible thing for the employees, Shiel Sexton also gives out ESOP coins with the new stock price and the employee owner’s name. The idea being that eventually each employee will have a stack of coins they can keep and reflect on through the years showing how the company has grown and improved as an ESOP. The token fosters pride and reinforces the fact that “you” are indeed an owner of Shiel Sexton. We all play a role in building an excellent company and a great place to work!