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  S3 - Shiel Sexton Services
S3 provides you with a one-stop shop for all your maintenance and service needs around the clock. Our promise is that you receive responsive, professional construction solutions with no disruption to your operations. S3 manages scheduled, ongoing and 24 hour on-call services in the following areas: carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, interior finishes, building repair, maintenance, building service contracts, professional caulking and sealants. Contact us for your immediate and long term needs. We are available at (317) 423-6160 or adilts@shielsexton.com.

Bam Rents, formerly MBA Leasing, Inc, was originally started in 1998 as a way for Shiel Sexton to efficiently cover their in-house rental needs. Over time and as the need for more outside rental has grown, BAM has grown into the “power-house” rental store you see today. BAM carries all makes and models of equipment from the small tools to large equipment rental. Please call us at (317) 423-6221 for all of your rental needs. 

  SSC Concrete
Are you in the market for a concrete company that responds to your needs? If so, we are your solution. Our concrete experts are ready to take on all your project assignments. Scheduling, quality, safety and reliability are the keystones of our group. At SSC Concrete, we are your partner in concrete construction. Our services include:  Architectural Concrete, Laser Screed, Decorative Concrete, Slab-on-Grade, Pavement, Foundation Work, Flatwork, Formwork, Curbs and Docks. Contact Dave Land at (317) 423-6099 for a quote on your next concrete project.

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