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In an industry that has long struggled with diversity, Shiel Sexton has taken a leadership role in developing meaningful diversity programs that produce lasting results. Shiel Sexton’s program begins long before any single project. The company has taken a dual track approach to diversity that is both top-down and bottom-up.  

The program begins at the grass-roots level where Shiel Sexton has made a corporate commitment to pro-actively engage the community as a leader in a variety of specific, meaningful diversity initiatives. This bottom-up approach is based on education and engagement programs that we view as long term investments in the community.

Corporately, Shiel Sexton has established a minimum of 10% MBE and WBE purchasing on all of its projects. That number has been reached or exceeded each year since 1993. Our diversity purchasing strategy has enabled the company to reach levels that have exceeded 25% at the second tier on major capital projects. The company’s workforce is also a reflection of its diversity. Women and minority employees are represented at each level of the company, from operations and support staff all the way up to and including ownership of the company.

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